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Our custom mascot design services are included free of charge. Our creative staff will work with you until you are satisfied with the rendering of your mascot costume. At Custom Mascot all of our character designs are originals and we guarantee never to reproduce them for any other client. Only the finest quality and most durable materials are used in production at Custom Mascot! We offer mascot costumes that are performer friendly, safe and comfortable! Mascot costumes all include: body/head venting, wide visibility screens in the head form's design, weatherproof soles and safety treads. Our mascots are designed to profile your organization's existing colors or other visual identity elements. Below are a few examples of our more recent mascot design and development service. Please feel free to contact us regarding your next custom designed mascot.

Animal Rights

Animal Rights
He is the ambassador for the Infinite Woofs Animal rescue society and will be at adoption events, parades, and local events. We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home unwanted, abused and neglected animals and find them their forever homes.

Have you ever thought you could make a difference even if it was for a short time ? We are in desperate need for Foster homes. Dog, Cat and small animals!

Thank you so much to my friend, neighbour, foster and custom mascot maker Karen, (, for designing, creating and completing the new iWars mascot!! Karen also graciously donated this guy to our rescue!! He/she is so adorable! We are now looking for a name for this guy and need suggestions!


boy scouts Canada
canada boy scouts Boy Scouts of Canada
This Dino is a design based on an already existing stuffed animal. The key here was to make him light easy to wear and still capture the over all look. The first decision was how long should the tail be and should it be removable. We made the tail so it was soft not to long so the performer could have complete control. The vision is outstanding with the wide screen mouth. This also works to allow airflow throughout the head.The head buckles to the slim washable body with 4 quick release buckles. His body was designed to fit a scout uniform size XXL.

His feet were made to look like hiking boots, as he is sure to be doing a lot of that. He will be the ambassador for the 2013 National Jamboree in Alberta some activities he will be taking in are. Zip line riding, biking, meet and greet all the excited kids. He will also be attending parades and local events promoting Scouts. Last we heard he was on his way to a winter camp out.

St. Alberta Fire Department Sparky - St. Albert Fire Department
Sparky is the official mascot for Fire departments around the world. 
This Sparky was made for the St.Albert Fire Department in Alberta, Canada. 

He has the red officer hat, slim body, helmet inside the head for independent head movement. Sparky was a replacement as the the original mascot not made by Custom mascot was very heavy and hot.

The fire department told us about the problems they were having with their old mascot. They needed something that would work for their organization, and that would also work for the performer inside the suit.

We took the time to work with them to address all these issues and the result a fun, lightweight, cool mascot that can interact with children for hours of fun, without making the performer uncomfortable or sore at the end of the day.

mascot design
construction mascots
PCL Construction
These mascots were designed to attract the attention of adults. Their purpose is to go to job sites teaching work safe environments and to go to trade shows as ambassadors for PCL Construction. The mascot heads are made of light weight foam with features hand sculpted to bring out the beaver look. Vision is in the nose through special open cell foam, designed so the performers can see out while not allowing you the audience, to see in. Downward vision was added in the mouth for extra comfort and safety. Extra air comes into the head through he screen eyes which have a fan installed behind the eye to bring a steady flow of air into the head.

The hard hats were made to be removable so they can go with or without them depending on what they are doing. Four quick release buckles attach the head to the body. Under the body is an ice vest with 4 gel packs designed to keep the performers body cool while performing inside the mascot. The body has a mock arm giving the illusion of a full fur body. This keeps the mascot light and comfortable to wear.

Boston Pizza Mascot
Boston Pizza Mascot
Boston Pizza
This was mascot was certainly a fun project for us to be involved with. The Boston Pizza mascot has been a much loved character for many years. He is on all there coloring books and is a trade marked character. We were initially approached to duplicate him, but to update the method of making him. As we were not the original company to produce him we had to study his design and then apply our methods of building into the design.

The end product was success. They now have a mascot that is both functional and keeps the original design in tact. Vision is in the mouth with a helmet system was used to allow the mascot to have independent head movement. The mascot's body is machine washable at home and still fits a wide range of performers. The body form wis built into the body as this method allows for the whole body to be washed and not have to worry about the body form being lost.

musical mascots
music mascots
Elgin Symphony Orchestra
This mascot was a challenge, we were asked to recreate a cello but make it friendly, be able to pack into a standard shipping box and yet be functional. It took several attempts to get the exact look and meet the orchestra’s requirements. The mascot is an exact shape of a cello. We blew up a photo of a real cello on the wall placed a person inside it and designed the face around that.

The eyes were placed exactly so the performer could see out and the indents would fall for the arm holes exactly so the mascot could have excellent movement and comfort. The mouth is faux giving the look of the open mouth. The arm of the Cello is removable as is the bottom piece and strings. This allows for the cello to pack into a standard shipping box and not have the added over size shipping costs. The sleeve unit, pants and white gloves are machine washable. The feet give the look of black dress shoes with white spats and two black buttons on the side for that extra bling.

Home Hardware Mascot
Home Hardware
Hammer down this mascot is the tops. The hardware store had no idea what they wanted all they knew was they wanted to be able to go into parades, have a mascot at the stores, and go to trade shows. This was our design working with them we established first what activities they needed the mascot to do.

This design was the perfect fit. The slim body allows for the performer to sit, bend and be flexible. The tool belt allows for the mascot to wear all the tools he needs or fill it with candy to hand out to children of all ages. The unique head has vision in the mouth and a harness system that goes around the performers chest for comfort and control. The bright happy face makes him approachable to everyone and he stands above a crowd in a store or parade. The sleeve unit and pants make him comfortable for a wide range of performers. The body detaches from the bottom of the hammer head for easy machine washing, the sleeve unit, gloves and pants are also machine washable.

Mr. Lube mascot
Mr. Lube mascot
Mr. Lube
This is a reproduction, originally we designed the first Mr. Lube in Red and grey the origial corporate colors. Then after 6 years Mr. Lube had asked us to reproduce him in the new corporate colors, blue and grey. Each piece of him represents a part of the Lube shop.

The head has a filter on the top of the head, the cone used to fill the oil for the face, the body is the can of oil, the knees and ankles are the filters, and the feet are the tire stops. This mascot has vision in the mouth, extra air flow in the screen eyes, and stands about 8 feet high. This way he can stand out in a parade or walk freely about at the lube shop. 

The body is flexible with hoops that help him hold his body shape allowing for each hoop to be removed for easy cleaning. The sleeve units, pull up pants and long gloves allow for a wide range of performers to wear him. A fan system was installed at the top of his head blowing fresh air down on the performer. A custom made carry bag allows for the mascot to be transported to and from funtions with ease.
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