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How is your school, college or university being represented? Do you have a cool logo and a lame mascot? Let us bring your logo to life. A mascot instantly builds pride in the student body.

We make sure your school mascot can perform to its full potential. If you need a mascot to tumble we will factor that into the custom design. If you need your mascot to be able fit a wide range of performers, we have you covered there as well. Schools are on a tight budget and with that in mind, we make sure your mascot is easy to look after. No need to send him out for expensive cleanings. Just take the body and clothing home wash in your washer at home and he/she is good to for the next day. Hang to dry overnight. Couldn't be easier! If you would like to send us an email with your design ideas please use this link and attach your file(s).


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